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What is The Life Mirror Remedy®?

TLMR® is a 5-step process that I developed in my nearly 20 years of practicing as a licensed psychologist and working with women.

These 5 steps (keys) are grounded in research- and evidence-based psychological principles that
See the mother-daughter relationship as foundational to one’s overall well-being
Acknowledge the unique complexities of mother-daughter relationships
Affirm a mom’s ability to reflect what her daughter needs in order to build a strong trusting relationship with her.

What is The Life Mirror Remedy® Program?

The Life Mirror Remedy® (TLMR®) Personal Training Program is a life-changing 1-on-1 program designed to help moms like you
 increase in confidence,
 decrease the guilt, and
 create the kind of relationship you desire to have with your daughter.

In the TLMR® Program, I work exclusively with you to understand your mother-daughter relationship patterns, uncover your desires for that relationship, and create tailored strategic solutions to improve your relationship with your daughter. 

My Background

My background is in being a licensed clinical psychologist (both in NC & NJ) and a board certified sport psychologist.

As your Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, I am uniquely qualified and equipped to help you:
Uncover unhealthy patterns of interaction that are sabotaging your desires for closeness.
Design and implement conflict resolution strategies for your specific mother-daughter situation.
Communicate effectively with others in an honest and healthy way
Build up your confidence as a daughter, woman, wife, and/or mother.

Together, we’ll create a firm foundation upon which you can build thriving healthy relationship with your daughter.

Say goodbye to Guilt and the ‘Noughs.

Say hello to confidence, acceptance, and connection.

A healthy mother-daughter relationship is possible!

How It Works

1. Active, non-judgmental listening and Socratic Inquiry - we guide you through a process of pausing to consider℠ where your mother-daughter relationship is, where you are in it, where you desire it to be, and what steps to take to get there.

2. Seasoned professional experience – As your Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer you will have consultative access to my nearly 20 years of experience working with moms to help them understand and fix their mother-daughter relationship.

3. Psychology-informed methodologies - If you are searching for an effective systematic, evidence-based, yet relationally personable methodology with a personal trainer who truly understands the challenges moms face, then the TLMR® Personal Training Program is just for you.

Package 1
30 Day TLMR: Face It®

“Something needs to change, but I have no idea where to start.” This is one of the most common frustrations I hear from clients and it’s no wonder. I feel this way every time I look at a messy room!

Just the thought of addressing issues in your mother-daughter relationship can make you feel scared, overwhelmed or hopeless. You need someone in your corner guiding you through the complex maze, helping you clear obstacles, and strategizing solutions that you can implement to improve your mother-daughter relationship.

In 30 days, you’ll have more than a clearer understanding of your mother-daughter interaction patterns and you will have a plan to move you in the right direction to take effective action. 
  • Four (4) weekly 1-hour personal training meetings
  • Focus on facing your current situation, and understanding how “it got there”
  • Tailored strategic assignments and action plans to address the current unproductive patterns.
  • Limited email correspondence between meetings 

Package 2
60 Day TLMR: Clarify It® Program 

Have you ever found yourself wondering “Why’d I just do that?” or “Why’d she just do that?” Do you ever catch yourself feeling frustrated in your mother-daughter relationship but you don’t know why?

The 60-Day TLMR: Clarify It® Program is the most popular package because it provides enough time to fully face your mother-daughter relationship patterns (TLMR: Face It® Program) and to get clarity on how to make informed decisions regarding your actions and responses in various situations.

You’ll be amazed at how self-awareness and values identification can inform and help you (re)create your mother-daughter relationship. 
  • Eight (8) weekly 1-hour personal training meetings, which includes material from the TLMR: Face It® Program
  • Lifetime Access to a Private Moms’ Facebook Group where I provide special content and facilitate topical discussions.
  • Clarity and articulation of your Mother-Daughter “SMART” Goals™ for your relationship with your daughter.
  • Tailored tools and strategies for applying your insights to your specific mother-daughter situation.

Package 3
90 Day TLMR: Mirror-cle Works™ Program

Need a little more support as you implement strategies to achieve your Mother-Daughter SMART Goals™? The TLMR: Mirror-cle Works™ Program is just for you!

During this 90-Day program, you’ll take action, define who you are, and gain the mental clarity, situational discipline, and self-awareness that will equip you to take charge and make significant change. 
  • Twelve (12) weekly 1-hour personal training meetings, which includes material from both the TLMR: Face It® Program & TLMR: Clarify It® Program
  • Lifetime Access to a Private Moms’ Facebook Group. Clarity and articulation of your Mother-Daughter SMART Goals™ for your relationship with your daughter.
  • Tailored tools and strategies for applying your insights to your specific mother-daughter situation.
  • Access to my online course (“Let’s Face It®”), which includes 10 video trainings and accompanying worksheets. 

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