Work with me

I've been where you are.

You can work with me because I understand the struggles of being a mom. Even when I chose to stay at home to raise my daughters, I still felt the need to seek out adult conversation so I wouldn’t feel like my brain was losing neurons. When I had to work outside the home, I dealt with the fears and guilt of “leaving my babies” with “someone else.”

I know the juggling-act of being a mom. As a mom of twin daughters, I vividly recall the sleepless nights, play date circus, and hectic schedules. And, of course, there were the scraped knees and band-aids, arguments and hugs.

As moms, we do so much and go through the ringer for our daughters.

I'm here and able to help.

Even though I am a North Carolina- and New Jersey-licensed clinical psychologist and board certified sport psychologist, my heart is to reach, encourage, and help moms just like YOU.

I've drawn upon my over 20+ years of helping hundreds of moms and daughters and written the best-selling book, What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters: 5 Keys To Building Trust, Restoring Connection, & Strengthening Relationships.

Now, as a Mother Daughter Relationship Consultant (MDRC), I can help moms and daughters not only within North Carolina and New Jersey, but also worldwide.

Who can I help?

  • An expecting or new mom who’s looking to get a head start on mothering...
  • A mom in the throws of the elementary-aged, tween, &/or teen stages and needing strategies...
  • A seasoned mom with older daughters and needing to get your bearings during life transitions with them ...

Option 1
Consult Call

If you are...

  • Feeling lost about how to discipline your daughter?
  • Alone in your decision- making about how best to address your daughter’s needs?
  • Struggling with how best to decrease the tension in your mother- daughter relationship?

What you get.

  • 1:1 Individual Time 
  • 20-minutes 
  • Intro to TLMR® Process
  •  A specific strategy for addressing you specific mother-daughter issue

You'll receive:

  • An expert opinion
  • Affirming encouragement
  • No judgment

Option 2
Compass Consultation Group™ (CCG)

If you are...

  • Feeling embarrassed to talk about what’s really going on with you & your daughter?
  • Wondering if you’re doing this “mothering thing” all wrong?
  • Looking for some non-judgmental support, ideas, & input from a caring source?

What you get.

  • Four (4) weekly online group meetings
  • 35 minutes per meeting
  • Overview of entire TLMR® Process
  • Instruction on TLMR® Principles & Strategies
  • Q & A period to get your specific questions answered.
  • FREE Lifetime Membership in a supportive Private Facebook Community of like- minded moms and daughters (>than 22 years old)

You'll learn:

  • Ways to get better “in tune” with your daughter’s needs
  • Strategies for decreasing the intensity and occurrence of arguments with your daughter
  • How to get your daughter to listen to you

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