Curative Connections LLC assists scholar-athletes in navigating the “playing field” of the middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional sports world by providing Customized Concierge Consultation™ services that meet them where they are…

At Play:

Improving athletic performance using evidence-based interventions

In Injury:

Facilitating positive forward movement in the sport injury recovery process

During Transitions:

Addressing athletic & scholastic transition issues (Ex: High School to College)

  • "I would recommend Dr. Deering to anyone that is looking for results. My players and I both feel that Dr. Deering is a result driven individual and if results is what you are looking for, then give her a call."

    Daren Rowe
    Head Coach - Men's Basketball
    Montclair State University
  • "The Rutgers Leadership Academy had the distinct honor having Dr. Michelle Deering serve as one of our panelist for the Careers in Psychology and Sociology Panel. Dr. Deering was extremely engaging and communicated very well to our student-athletes throughout the evening. Very professional in every aspect and it was a joy having her as part of such a special event for the Rutgers University Students-Athletes."

    Shawn Tucker
    Associate Athletic Director
    Rutgers University
  • "Dr. Deering worked very closely with several of the Rutgers University student-athletes during her tenure at Rutgers University. While providing psych services to our athletes, Dr. Deering demonstrated a keen understanding of the academic and athletic stresses placed on these athletes, provided extremely helpful coping mechanisms and communicated very effectively with both the student-athletes and approved support staff. I would highly recommend her services to others"

    Micaiah Corley
    Financial Agent / Certified Athletic Trainer


Dr. Deering is a Board Certified Sport Psychologist, having received her post-doctoral training in evidence-based practices through the American Board of Sport Psychology (ABSP).


At the Division-I Division-III levels, Dr. Deering has over 19 years of experience providing services to scholar-athletes from both revenue and non-revenue generating teams at Big EastBig Ten, & Ivy League institutions. In particular, she has experience helping scholar-athletes deal with sport-related injury recovery and eating issues. Additionally Dr. Deering has worked to help scholar-athletes address academic & (collegiate) life transitions, and sport performance issues.

Dr. Deering also provides tailored, targeted, and engaging psychoeducational, performance, and motivational presentations and workshops that inspire participants towards change and continuous improvement.

For Individual Athletes there are 3 levels of service


This is a non-technology based introductory psych evaluation. You will receive instruction in your unique mind-body connection dynamic. For those who would like to “get a taste” of evidence based applied sports psych treatment.


This is a non-technology based sports evaluation and a Neurocognitive assessment. Your current athletic performance patterns will be identified and assessed. You will also receive input for addressing performance issues.


This is a Sports Psych evaluations, Neurocognitive assessment, as well as real time on the field assessment. Your athletic performance will be assessed. You will obtain your personal unique “Athletic Profile” report. You will receive personalized instruction tailored for you specifically. Additionally, you will receive Follow up Customized Concierge Consultation™ Services.

For Athletic Teams there are 3 levels of service


This is an Introductory Sport Psych Evaluation of identified key players.  Identified key players will “get a taste” of evidence-based applied sport psychology treatment. Identified key players will also receive a personal “Baseline of Performance” report. Additionally, Coaches receive a Coach’s Report on their Team Composition.


This is a non-technology based Sport Psych Evaluation and Neurocognitive Assessment of key identified players. Each key identified player’s patterns are assessed and identified. Each one receives their own personal unique “Athletic Profile” report. Key identified players also receive brief suggestions for addressing performance pattern issues. Coaches receive a Coach’s Report on their key identified players and a Personal debrief meeting on data’s impact on team performance.


This is a Sport Psych Evaluation, Neurocognitive Assessment, and Real-Time On-The-Field Assessment of each player. Each players athletic performance is assessed. Each player then receives his/her own personal unique “Athletic Profile”report. Personalized instruction tailored to their specific needs is given to each player. Coaches will receive a Coach’s Report on their team composition, personal debrief meeting on the data’s impact on team performance, and Customized Concierge Consultation™ services.

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