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  • Learning To Listen to Your Teen

    Listening is a skill that can fall by the wayside amidst the plethora of parental pressures and high school-related stressors. Next to unconditional love, listening is the greatest gift you can give your teenage son or daughter. There is an old adage that humans have two ears and one mouth so that we might do twice as much listening as talking. Here are three key components to listening. Read More…

  • Connecting with Your Teen By Asking Questions

    This is where most parents of teens have difficulty. They want to — have to — say something. For a teenager (who is on the receiving end of things), having a parent just say something is akin to having their parent just barge into their room unannounced. Consider for a moment how that might make them feel. Read More…

  • Connecting with Teens Starts When They Are Infants

    For those of you who are parents of infants, you may be wondering, “What do any of the ‘parenting teens’ pointers have to do with me?” Well, I am glad that you are wondering about those things because much of what you do during infancy lays a foundation for later dynamics during the teen years. Read More…

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  • Justice For All Just Ain’t Specific Enough

    “This Ferguson situation is an opportunity for young people to step up, grab a hold of their futures by their own hands and say, ‘My life will be different, my life will be better'” Read More…

  • Facebook Depression

    Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are supposed to make us feel loved, connected and important, right? But, for many folks, just five minutes of skimming through their friends’ photos and updates can trigger feelings of jealousy, sadness and loneliness. So, if social media makes us feel bad, why do we keep using it? And more importantly, what are the psychological effects?

    “Humans are social beings who grow up within the context of a ‘family unit’ that’s all built on connections,” says Dr. Michelle Deering.

     Read More…

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