Mother Daughter Consultant

I understand a mom, you are busy juggling many external things, like the obvious— work, home, family, friends, and (dare I say) the ever-elusive “free time” when it pops up? Amidst the juggling, you wrestle – internally – with many things.

Amidst the juggling, you wrestle – internally – with many things.
  • There are times you’ve tried to express your thoughts and feelings to friends, family (and maybe even a therapist!). However, their input doesn't seem to really help. Additionally, their advice doesn't seem to resolve your worries, fears, or desires for an improved relationship with your daughter.
  • As your personal Mother Daughter Relationship Consultant (MDRC), I can help. I’ll partner with you to guide you through a research-based, time-tested, psychologically-grounded framework – The Life Mirror Remedy® (TLMR®) – that will give you:

Clarity, Strategies & Tools ...

...that will help you improve your mother-daughter relationship.

You may be ...

  • Wondering if you’re doing this “mothering thing” right
  • Questioning decisions you make (or haven’t yet made)
  • Fearing the outcome and impact of your life on your daughter
  • Desiring for your relationship with your daughter to be different ...better ...closer.

if so..