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Dr. Michelle Deering

I’ve struggled with feeling... I’m not enough.

But I made adjustments...and now value my own uniqueness.

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My name is Dr. Michelle Deering--author, speaker, licensed clinical psychologist, board certified sport psychologist, and mother of twin adult daughters. As a mother-daughter relationship consultant I encourage, empower, and equip women to connect intentionally with their daughters and moms so they can improve relationally with each other.

My work is dedicated to you, fellow daughter, woman, wife, and/or mom. Like you, I’ve struggled with feeling like I don’t measure up; that nothing I do is enough…that I’m not enough. I know what it’s like to not have family support in raising my kids, and to feel isolated and disconnected. I also know the frustrations of butting heads with both female generations in my life—my own twin daughters and my own mom.

But, I’ve also experienced how making just a few courageous adjustments in my patterns of behavior can change the course of my mother-daughter relationships and lead to more interpersonal closeness, connection, and collaboration.

That’s why I wrote my book (What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters), started my blog & motherhood consultation group. As women, so much of our lives is spent being told what we should think, do, or say based on some outside (unattainable) standard. These daily jabs at our identity cause us to compare ourselves with each other and not value our uniqueness…or the uniqueness of our daughters.

While there is a place for competition and self-improvement (after all, I am athlete and sport psychologist), it is important that every daughter, woman, wife, and mother to have a safe judgement-free space to voice her thoughts, struggles, and triumphs, and to get help when the road gets hard.

My blog  is published twice a month on topics relating to mother-daughter relationships. You are personally invited to subscribe via email so we can keep in touch.

My vlog (Mothering Motivation Mondays™) is produced and posted every week on Monday. It’s usually a short inspirational and informative video with tips, strategies to get you through the week. You are also personally invited to subscribe to it here.

Let’s go on this journey – together. You are not alone!

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I know how important it is to have a close confidant that both listens and speaks; that sister or "mom" whose open ear and well-timed words strengthen and encourage you to know your worth and to keep pressing forward.

Though we may not have met in person yet, I hope to be a life-giving part of your journey.