Consultation Call

Call me, your MDRC
Mother-Daughter Relationship Consultant

Pick this option if you are needing... 
  • An unbiased opinion about your situation
  • An expert to come alongside you to answer quick questions about your specific mother-daughter situation
  • Affirming encouragement to that will help you handle your mother-daughter situation in the most optimal way
Benefits of scheduling a call:
  • Specific answers to your specific situation 
  • Access to timely and insightful information tailored to your needs 
  • Caring support for you as a person...and then as a mom. 

Schedule a call

  • After your completed form is received & if your concern is something I can address, I will email a PayPal link to you so that you can pay the Consultation Fee (cost: $51.80) No calls will be scheduled without receipt of payment.
  • Once your payment is received, I will email you a list of consult call time slots from which to choose.
  • I will then listen to and offer you tailored suggestions and strategies to address your situation.