I help busy moms get clarity and strategies to improve their mother-daughter relationships.

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Helping the next generation one mom at a time.™

Mother-Daughter Relationship Consultant
Do you feel frustrated interacting with your daughter (or mom)? Are you tired of and confused by the conflict in your interactions? Are you having difficulty connecting with your daughter (or mom)? If you need an expert to help you figure out how best to fix your mother-daughter interactions, then...
Motivational Speaker

Are you a group, business, or organization that has or services moms? Are you looking for a speaker who is encouraging and can connect well with your members? If you need a speaker who gives memorable strategies and powerful calls-to-action, then...  


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What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters by Deering front back
What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters 
Michelle elegantly brings together her experiences as a daughter (survivor of sexual abuse), mother of twin daughters, and psychologist. She reflects on these experiences and candidly shares her heart with insightful clarity that will shed light on & bring hope into your own personal situations.