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Motivational Speaking
Dr. Deering’s tailored engaging presentations and workshops consistently receive positive feedback from both student participants and their parents, as well as from administrators.
Athletic consultation
We assists scholar-athletes in navigating the “playing field” of the middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional sports world by providing Customized Concierge Consultation™ services that meet them where they are.
Dr. Deering has written numerous articles and guest blogs on a wide range of topics. Her new book, What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters, is her latest release.


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What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters by Deering front back
What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters 
 Michelle elegantly brings together her experiences as a daughter (survivor of sexual abuse), mother of twin daughters, and psychologist. She reflects on these experiences and candidly shares her heart with insightful clarity that will shed light on & bring hope into your own personal situations. 

Nominated for a 2018 Author Academy Award

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Dr. Michelle Deering

Dr. Michelle Deering

Though I love riding roller coasters and have done a tandem skydive (what fun!), I mostly enjoy meeting new people and hearing what’s going on with them. I particularly love working with people, groups, and organizations to help them find solutions that will bring them closer to their life goals. I am so glad that you have visited my website. I invite you to take your time as you peruse it. Let me know if you have any questions and how I can be of help to you.
Dr. Deering is conducting her “Mirror Mirror … Coffee & Craft” workshops regularly. Find out the details below.

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Abuse Prevention: Parenting Tips

Stopping any kind of abuse is an admirable goal. My Patois-accented Jamaican mother would tell me about life and say, “Prevent(ion) is better than (a) cure.” To me that phrase meant that if I took steps to lessen the likelihood of an adverse occurrence, then things would be way better for me. However, my mom was […]
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4 Keys to Prepare for the Motherhood Marathon

  “Nothing can prepare you for childbirth” and “There’s no manual for raising kids” are a comments I’ve often heard from mothers. Comments are nice, but it’s not until you’ve been in the thick of motherhood that you really begin to understand what they mean. That being said, then how does one prepare for being […]
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Listening Comes In 3s

Have you ever watched the waves come up onto the shoreline? If you look very closely, as the swells get closer to shore, the waves come in clusters of three.   The same can be said for listening. The closer you want to get to someone, the more you’ll need to do the following three […]
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Top 3 Ways to Listen Better

In a prior blog post I shared on LinkedIn, I discussed how Listening Comes in 3s. Now, let’s look at how to apply those three ways of listening physiologically, volitionally, and emotionally more effectively.   Remember the three waves?   So, when you are listening in the emotional realm, there are three key questions to […]
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